Platinum Epoxy LLC.'s owner's

operate, not only the business side of our company but they also work on the installations!!

Concrete Preparation

            Before Any Installation, Concrete Substrate is fully prepped to receive the perfect bond for the epoxy coatings. Prepping includes grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, acid edging, and power washing. All cracks, holes, and divets are fully patched and sealed. 



Ideal Areas for Installations

All interior solutions are ideal for:
- Residential homes
- Garage/Basement/Bathroom
-Warehouse/Shop Flooring
- Retail stores
- Schools and universities
- Hotels
- Casinos
- Automobile dealerships
- Restaurants
- Professional and collegiate sports complexes
- Medical facilities
- Veterinarian clinics
- Office buildings
- Shopping malls
- Virtually any interior floor...
All exterior solutions are ideal for:
- Driveways
- Pool decks
- Sidewalks
- Patios
- Pedestrian bridges
- Hotel entrances
- Theme parks
- Professional and collegiate sports complexes
- Virtually anywhere you can stand, walk or drive...

We've got certified installers now gaining experience and training with Platinum Epoxy LLC. and under other vendors to give room for business growth.

 Concrete Overlays 

Seamless 1/4" Thin Stamped Overlay:
 Creates a light natural looking stone texture. Grout lines to replicate stone, tile, slate, etc. can be added for

addition design options.

 Splatter Texture Overlay:
Applied approximately 1/16" to 1/8" thick to existing concrete 
to create a non-slip texture. Can be applied as plain gray or unlimited color and design choices. 
Patterns can replicate that of brick, stone, slate, tile, etc. 
Ideal for: indoor pool decks, water parks, public restrooms or locker rooms where water may be present but a non-slip finish is required.

MICRO-FINISH™ Seamless Floors: 
Applied to existing concrete less than 1/16" thick and literally as smooth as glass. Patterns, colors and design themes are absolutely limitless.

Modified Slate Trowel Overlay: 
A smoother version of the conventional Slate Trowel Overlay 
for exterior uses.

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Epoxy Installations

Epoxy Coatings System:
Two coats of epoxy applied by squeegee and back roll method. Coatings come in standard and custom solid colors. 

Epoxy Flake System:
Flakes come in standard and custom blends. Sealed with clear epoxy. 

Epoxy Quartz System:
Colored quartz come in standard and custom blend. Sealed with clear epoxy. 

Metallic Epoxy Coatings:
Four coat epoxy system. Many colors to choose from. 

Urethane Top Coat is available for any system. Urethane top coats will give your floor more life with extra durability, chemical resistance, and UV protection.

(Recommended for Outdoors)